1. DID YOU KNOW you are more beautiful on your period? Yes I know a lot of us complain about our faces being accompanied by a new friend with a life of it’s own, his name is Zit. But studies show that we have an additional glow. Which makes me feel so much better.

2.TAX – In the UK we are taxed 5% for sanitary products. This is something we would class as a necessity not a desire. Campaigns such as @BloodyDisgrace are not quiet about this at all. https://twitter.com/BloodyDisgrace/status/60024468388171366

3.CLOTH – If you find pads and tampons extremely uncomfortable, which is a common con mentioned when speaking to my friends, why not try the cloth or a cup? http://www.femininewear.co.uk

4.FREE BLEEDING It’s undecided whether this is a hoax or an actual movement. The free bleeding movement encourages women on their period not to wear sanitary products to fulfil the social norms/expectations with the intention to liberate women, hence the term ‘Free Bleeding’

5.DIOXIN – Is found in disposable pads and tampons, research shows that this toxic chemicals is the cause of cervical cancer and other illnesses. This toxin is present because pads and tampons are made from recycled waste such as newspapers (and more) which will of course contain bacteria and fungi. If you’re disturbed by this fact maybe you could try the cloths.


7. DISPOSABLE FOR WAR- The first disposable pads were created by nurses during the war  who wanted to tame the heavy bleeding, they were made out of bandages.

8.MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY is an actual day where NGOS from all sectors educate each other on menstrual health.

9.PADS GO WAY BACK! There is a reference to a woman in Ancient Greece throwing her menstrual rag at a guy who was trying to woo her. Ladies a new tactic to try on cat callers? LOL.

10.HUMAN. Yup you’re allowed to be a normal human, every one is different and some of us become recluse because of the time of the month. Yes there are limits but we all know our own limit. Practice yoga, go to the gym, go out with your friends, sky dive? Stop being drama queens and suck it up – Eww not literally!