Hands down! I love this young beautiful woman. But as a fan and feminist I can’t help but worry about how she is really perceived. The general vibe I get is that she has been received with open arms because of her confidence and not to mention how funny she is.

However, is this humour all used to hide the fact that she’s not the girl next door? Are people interested in her because she’s plus size? If that’s the case, it’s patronising. Or could it be that producers and film makers know that she would play on our curiosity? Which means more intrigued we are, more views, more sales, more money.

My question is: when will plus size just be normal? There are underlying signs that show that it’s not Rebel they’re after they want to see how much the “Fat girl” can offer. It’s like going to a circus to see bears perform tricks- why this comparison? you ask. The reason being Rebel’s performing the tricks that girls her size aren’t doing for instance her role in the film Pitch Perfect which plays on the fact that she is a bigger girl. In the film she introduces herself as  Fat Amy (that would be our cue to laugh). The fat jokes could be detrimental or it could promote the ‘learn to laugh at yourself’ ethos’.

Perspective is everything especially on a topic like this. Initially I didn’t think much of her size because in my thought process everyone should love themselves regardless, and there are so many versions of ‘beautiful’ not just the ones we see the magazines. On the other hand, not everyone thinks like this. People still feel insecure, as a result they put other body types and faces in a superior position or they put other people down to make themselves feel better.

To move forward we need to change the lenses we’re looking through, is it the pop culture lens or your actual lens? The lens that allows you to define beauty for yourself.