If breastfeeding is taboo then eating a burger in the street needs to be taboo to the power of 100!

Supermodel, Nicole Trunfio posed and simultaneously breastfed her son for the front cover of Elle magazine Australia – what a talent! Breastfeeding and look hot whilst doing it, kudos to your girl!

However, this front cover is only available to subscribers of Elle magazines and was not sold in stores and a more covered version of her and her son was sold in the stores. Now why is a photo of a woman willingly breastfeeding publicly given some sort of exclusivity?Editor-in-Chief Justine Cullen stated:

…subscribers got a beautiful bonus by seeing the photo

As if it’s so taboo or forbidden that it’s for certain eyes only!  Is the boob really taboo? Why isn’t it taboo when Miley bares all and when she does it we’re not gaining anything(well I’m not anyway). Whereas Nicole’s baby boy is getting fed there is some sort of benefit from it.

Women don’t publicly breastfeed because they feel the urge to whip out their breast. Her baby is probably hungry. The most challenging part is that the baby has no comprehension of waiting for food, or mummy not feeling comfortable or other people feeling uncomfortable about mummy’s boobies being pulled out her top.

It’s unfortunate that a necessity (breastfeeding) is more taboo than a hot model going topless for consumerism and the wants and desires of consumers. Nicole said:

 I think it should be something that isn’t a [subscriber’s cover], it’s a huge part of being a woman and motherhood.

Now I’m not saying we should feel so comfortable that we go and strike a conversation with a woman who is feeding her baby or start creepily smiling at her. It’s her breast, her child and an intimate bonding session which shouldn’t be interrupted or equally shunned as if what she is doing is wrong. Let’s remember who’s the important one in this dialogue – the baby.

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