Bruce Jenner: “Call me Caitlyn”

Bruce Jenner the father of the reality show queens, the Kardashians is now Caitlyn and I’m already bored. Now as a person who gets bored easily, I usually have to take an in depth look at a situation rather than seeing it on a surface level. The whole transgender transformation is not a new thing to me, am I abnormal to not be fascinated or hyped up about Bruce?

You see, I like to look at issues from a newer view – no pun intended ! Okay maybe just a little. I’m more interested in his daughters and how they are feeling about this transformation. How will it affect their relationship with Caitlyn? Will they still call him dad? Mum? No that’s Kris who they actually call Kris, so maybe they’ll call him Caitlyn. This is definitely not the the traditional nuclear family that most people are used to, so I can’t help but ask these questions.

These questions arose out of what we study in Psychology, the bonds between fathers and their daughters. Dr Jennifer Kromberg stated

…a woman’s early relationship with dad, who is usually the first male object of her love, shapes her conscious and unconscious perceptions of what she can expect and what is acceptable in a romantic partner

It made me wonder now that Kylie and Kendall especially have now grown up – a little bit, do they still need the father figure? Although a father is not necessarily biological, one could argue that you don’t have to be a male to be the supportive father figure. However, Caitlyn is starting a new life, it’s like being born all over again. Will she have time to focus on her daughters? It’s a process I guess. It’s a tricky one, they seem like they’re still young that they need that father figure who was there from the beginning who stood by them, but at the same time now that they’re growing into these women do they need him less ?

As a 25 year old woman without a doubt I am independent, but there’s times when I need my father and some may say love doesn’t have a gender – it definitely doesn’t I totally agree but at times nature wins. I may be  digging a whole here but this part is solely from my experience as a daughter.

Although they’re saying they are in full support and they’re happy we still have to be sensitive to this subject, because they’re happy doesn’t mean it is easy especially when this is played out all over social media, including my blog! The Kardashians are the  Royal Family of reality TV, could they just be saving face in a tough time like this?

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