Girls Can Too!

Am I the only one that’s noticed a trend of adverts endorsing women taking part in male dominated actives or working in the stereotypically masculine field? Adverts such as the Gillette #UseYourAnd Dove’s, Always’ #LikeAGirl and the Sports Advert #ThisGirlCan. Youtube these adverts it puts you – well it put me in a empowered state of mind.

I got the exact same feeling when I saw Alicia Vidgeon – age 15 (left)and Abigail Hoare (age 16)- The two amazing young ladies in the picture above who are cadets in the Royal Airforce. Me being my crazy self rushed up to them in the mall and interviewed them of course! I struggled to get the audio on my laptop. But! That didn’t stop me, I was really inspired by them I hope you are too by the transcript below! 🙂 xx

Me: What inspired you to join the Royal Airforce?

Alicia: I’ll like to be in the RAF when i’m older as a Personnel Officer

Abigail: It’s a hobby and i’ll rather spend my time with the Cadets than at home doing nothing, or being on Facebook all day. It feels my time up.

Me: Society usually puts you in a box because your girls, what would say to that?

Alicia: The sexes are equal in the cadets, it was only up till 1981 when it was just boys. But since then for 30 odd years it’s been equal.

Me: How long have you been a part of the Cadets?

Alicia: 2 years

Abigail: I’ve been 2 and a half

Me: I would like to know about your daily lives what does Abigail and Alicia do on a daily basis, are you ‘girly girls’?

Alicia: We’re just normal really, we like to go shopping, but cadets does sort of take over your life but in a good way. We do a lot of charity events

Abigail: I’m girly when I want to be!

Me: So you have that balance, I’ve realised that women are put off of getting involved in things like this because they feel that they’ll have to sacrifice their normal lives or lose their there femininity. What would you say to young women out there that want to join the Airforce or the army or anything out the box?

Alicia: Just go for it! No one’s going to think different of you, if anything it’s better that you do it.