“She said yes!” is synonymous with getting engaged, marriaged, the happily ever after story, the white dress, the exaggerated feminised dream! So elated that you call your cousins (who didn’t really exist in your world pre engagement) 1000 miles away to announce that you’re getting married, a little too excited that you make stupid choices like that, that you’ll regret later . I know I won’t be doing that.

But that’s just one version of how women react to the idea or reality of marriage. In countries like Somalia and other countries in the African and Middle Eastern continent, marriage = FGM. FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation. I detest it when people say female circumcision. It’s not the same thing, circumcision involves removing the foreskin of a penis. FGM is mutilation – literally. There are 4 types of FGM. We won’t discuss the types in this post, because the cutting of the clitoris is the cutting of the clitoris, it’s still an illegal invasion regardless of the type.

FGM is on the checklist for wedding preparation in some cultures, it is believed to tame women’s urge for sexual activity. In other words it’s frowned upon if a woman gets horny so cutting her clit solves the problem, when in actual fact it causes so many problems, such as internal menstruation, infertility and physical disfigurement.

Just want to remind you that when a bride-to-be in the western world is buying dresses, sorting out her invites, bride-to-be’s  as young as age 12 (maybe younger) on the other side of the world are getting their clits cut.

Actually I lied. FGM is now practiced illegally in the UK and other European countries such as France where a cutter was recently jailed for 8 years. Girls lives are being destroyed because of this practice in the name of preserving culture and purity? Abstinence is a choice not something that should be forced on a woman or a man. There is somewhat good intentions behind the practice but it has vile consequences.

Education is vital, the purpose of FGM is not to intentionally hurt a girl but fact is that it does.  Apart from the native people from these cultures , the West need to educate themselves so we can push FGM campaigns to the forefront. I urge you to educate yourselves, support and contribute to campaigns such as :

@DaughtersofEve – dofeve.org

@ENDFGM_Network – endfgm.eu/en