Today is  in America and even though I am a Brit I’ll still still celebrate with you all! Here are 6 facts about the journey of women’s equality.

1. Equal Pay Act- june 10 1963 Congress made it illegal for women to be paid less than men

2.Even though it has been made illegal, women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes – the reason why is debatable because there is alas the issue of the industries that men and women are typically in.

3.The word “suffragette” was actually a derogatory term in America so they used the word “suffragist” instead. Suffragette was commonly used by the Brits

4.  gave U.S. women right to vote,but women of colour couldn’t vote until 60s (Fact from UN Women)

5.The first country to grant women’s suffrage was New Zealand in 1893

6.It is alleged that the first classic novel to be written was the Tale of Genji by noble woman Murasaki Shikibu.