London Fashion Week- ‘It’ Girl

It’s almost a week ago since Fashion Week took London by storm, so much went on that all I did was sit back and observe; every time I thought it was right to blog something else would crop up in my plethora of sub topics and ideas and I wanted to keep this as brief as possible.  One thing I’m definitely not going to focus on is the weight of models – it’s so tired at the moment and quite frankly speaking about anorexia in line with the fashion industry seems to be falling on deaf ears there needs to be a more innovative way of addressing the issue. So here goes.

When we think of the fashion industry we think  Linda Evangelista Kate Moss but we also acknowledge Cara Delevingne and style icons such as Rihanna. It looks like there’s definitely been a shift in what is considered to be a ‘model’ in the early 90’s to early 00’ss it was the era of the supermodel – tall, elegant,”lady-like” . However with the rise of RihRih, Miley, Cara, and Ruby Rose beauty is now being redefined and they have paved the way for women who don’t fit into the ‘girl next door’ box; between them we’ve not only embraced but emulated their tattoos, androgynous dress sense and non contemporary hair styles (including  brows!)

Now isn’t that something! This is not to say that it still has a try to impose ideas on its recipients but the beauty and fashion industry seem to be losing it’s cliquish streak. It appears that there’s a community of young men and women with unique and various interpretations  of what beauty or style is who all embrace each other. This is all done by double-tapping, liking, favouriting and retweeting, yes we can give social media credit for widening the beauty spectrum as well as phone apps.

Apps such as Feels is a platform for anyone to showcase their outfits and brands that they are sporting as you can see in the picture above, I have also been sucked into the world of posting outfits and double-tapping. But the point I’m getting at is slowly but surely room has been created for “normal” people to showcase their version of beauty. It makes me wonder if it’ll make it easier for  lumps and bumps, scars, disfigurements, shortness(as if this is a negative) to make it to the runway one day.

It’s somewhat  comforting to know that the ‘It’ girl is could possibly be perceived through an objective lens meaning, there’s no set standard of beauty any more. People have created or used platforms to create their own model/celebrity. Unfortunately some girls are failing to come to the realisation that their platform is just as important – maybe not popular as the models they see all over magazines and social media. There is method in your madness, you just have to be convinced.