What a B!&@%

Today in East London a fight broke out between several girls as you can see in the clip above. The image of hair extensions been dragged out (LITERALLY) and wooden sticks been used at a weapon has been replaying in my head. Well I hope they’re proud? I’m not here to shame them, but hopefully they’ll look at the clips and ummm maybe think.

On a daily basis I’m a 25 year old woman observing college kids at the tube station looking beyond their years and it makes me think how things have changed from the time I was studying at college. Their make up is immaculate , the wardrobe is faultless and hair is always in place. Whereas I went to college dressed like  grunger baggy trousers with chains, pair of Vans and a hoodie, I should’ve just worn a sack to be honest!

But despite the mature facade that is depicted, the thought process of young women relatively seems to be quite opposite according to this video, which is a reflection of the overly critical and bitchy era we live in. Stereotypically women have always been the ones to gossip, though this is arguable. However, this is now a culture, which makes it very difficult to counteract, it’s almost impossible to challenge a culture that is well entrenched. It looks like bitchiness has subconsciously become the new ‘sexy’ ‘cool’ or even strong as there always seems to be the need to defend yourself.

There’s not one solid reason why women can be so unpleasant to each other. Some may say it’s nature some nurture, but there’s definitely a mixed bag of reasons such as:

Reality shows

Social Media


School life/Education

Lack of self awareness


These are all things that we should take note of, both men and women.  Let me risk getting into trouble for saying this but I feel us women are easily swayed either way good or bad, that it becomes more difficult to evaluate ourselves for who we are. Since we’re being served with so many prospective or potential identities in the media, it could be possible that we use those as prototypes to live by.  Unfortunately they are unreal and unattainable hence girls and women fighting not only within themselves, but fighting others.