5 Things Women Should Remember to Check Before Posting a Picture.

  1. Teeth Check: Bold lips are great and can add character to an outfit. However, it can actually lead to the deformation of character if you’ve got some on your teeth. It’s easily done but it’s a costly mistake, as no one has the time to photoshop it – well I hope they don’t :-\.
  2. Visible Underwear: If Kim K gets it wrong for instance, flashing her spanx, it means that we must be be extra cautious and alert just in case another undie atrocity takes place. She has a glam squad which includes a stylist and somehow none of them forsee this?! Crazy. It’s a lesson for all of us, do away with thongs, wear seamless knickers/spanx and most importantly make sure they are hidden away in exile. 🙂
  3. Harsh Lines: Blend, blend and blend! I cannot emphasise it enough. This world has gone contour and highlight mad, and it’s a craze that’s definitely benefitted my make up routine but has also made me look like I was sporting tribal art on my face just because I didn’t blend. I have no issues with contouring and highlighting but if it’s going to be done it should be done properly please.
  4. Unlike Number 2 , some of us prefer to go commando and be freer? It’s not advisable but if you do so just make sure everything is in tact. That’s all.
  5. Last but not least, before you post a picture have a good look at the background. You don’t want your knickers featuring in the background, your un-flushed business on blast if you’ve taken a toilet selfie. That mistake could potentially be life changing.