Rosie Nelson

Although Fashion Week is over, the dialogue about body shaming has continued and one of the people pushing this dialogue to the forefront is 23 year old Australian Model Rosie Nelson. Before you guys say ‘Not this body shaming topic again!’ I won’t be like a broken record highlighting different types of body shaming, I want to raise awareness  with regards to what Rosie is doing.

Let me give a brief background so you can understand what she’s trying to promote.  Rosie thought everything was going well when the biggest modelling agencies were saying that she was what they were looking for but just needed to make one “minor” change, like you would in a job interview in order to meet their criteria right?  However, Rosie explains

“…. they told me I ticked all the boxes except one – I needed to lose weight,”

“So I did. Four months later I lost nearly a stone, two inches off my hips”.

“When I returned to the same agency they told me to lose more weight, they wanted me ‘down to the bone’.

I’m genuinely asking myself how this is legal. If France had to take up the measures by banning ultra-thin models in the attempt to combat anorexia this clearly shows something is morally and legally wrong about women and men  being pressured into looking skeletal rather than healthy.

Natasha Devon – mental health tsar and founder of the Self Esteem Team who I had the pleasure of interviewing years back when I was the Women’s Officer at my university explained that this is having domino effect on young girls and the choices they make for their future careers. On Good Morning Britain she stated “the way we feel about our bodies can affect our career path.”  It’s definitely a scary thought and I hope you find it worrying too.  It looks there’s an increase in people taking notice of under weight models as there has been a great deal of support on the petition page that Rosie has created on If you would like to sign the petition, please click the link below, this will make a difference.