Margot vs Lily

Nike have released a Margot vs Lily web series, and i’m more than delighted that these female empowering adverts such as This Girl Can have been taken a step further. Now, I have to be honest, sometimes I cringe at the developments that solely empower women because despite the right intentions it unfortunately becomes counterproductive. For example, I’ve always been told that I can do whatever I wanted in life, it was never explained to me that I can do whatever I wanted but there will be obstacles because of my gender. So in my head when articles are screaming “yes women can too” I’m thinking ‘Yes I already knew we could, have you just realised this?!?’. But with my open mind thinking cap on I’ve come to the realisation that not all women know this.

This is why I’m so in love with this web series because it depicts the conflicting opinions of women that exist, it’s given room for actual dialogue and story-telling. Don’t get me wrong a short advert can express so much without any verbal dialogue but this here gives room for detail. Details such as the fact that they are adopted sisters who are obviously biologically very different – not a big deal huh ? Are you going to feed me with that “we’re in the 21st century” do-dah  or “I don’t see colour.” Well hello – I do and I’ll appreciate it if my colour was acknowledged and not amplified , there’s a difference.  I also love the fact that Margot makes a joke when a fan is confused about how they’re sisters and explains in the most monotonous sarcastic tone “We’re genetically identical actually.” I digress, what I’m trying to say that feminism is an umbrella term for women who want to see progress but there are different routes to this i.e. black feminism which acknowledges  that feminism can sometimes represent the white middle class woman and that other parts of inequality need to be analysed with the same amount of depth.

I’m pretty sure Nike’s intention was to emphasise that women can be as sporty and fit as men but I took something different from the first episode of this web series and that is, women really need to work on getting along. When we don’t, it’s really ugly and we seem to struggle understand that yes we are the same gender and have same anatomy but we’re so different, our interests and abilities could be worlds apart but we must learn to coexist. Am I the only woman that has noticed the struggle? I hope not.

Margot vs Lily shows a very balanced perspective on how women relate to one another in general and shows the need to self- evaluate as well as acknowledge others and their differences rather than bashing or blowing them out of proportion. Please watch below, you’ll have an idea of what I’ve been talking about.