The aftermath of MAC posting their new purple colour lipstick has been insane. I won’t acknowledge the racist comments as because that’s already been done. I’ll just state the fact that the very ignorant and racist comments were written under the post inciting that black women were less pretty or inferior to white women. Right.

However, the model of whose lips were in the post Aamita Lagum hit back with hashtags. #PrettyLipsPeriod has been trending all over social media, clearly Lagum has won with her self love and confidence about her stunning appearance.

It’s so amazing how Kylie Jenner can find herself a needle and voila! she has these fish lips that everyone adores, but when a black woman is born with full plump lips it’s an issue. Maybe the solution is a lip reduction? Then she’ll be beautiful, so maybe we can play swapsies with our facial features not to mention the rest of the female anatomy.

Here’s the thing, I’ve mentioned it several times on this blog, -no I’m not about to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what I want to say is no one has  or will be entitled to hold the holy grail scale of what beauty is, therefore beauty comes in many forms. It sucks that such unfortunate people and have such small minds to degrade a woman because of her colour and origin. But it’s amazing that we’re in a day and age where we can rise above them, and embrace who we are.