Truth over Trend

In my 2014 article in Fabiana magazine , (  I passionately spoke about the new wave of feminism and the increase of celebrities endorsing gender equality and was pleased to see an aspect of what I gained in academia being promoted in mainstream media.This way they could raise awareness and everyone could gain access to being a part of change- well so I thought.

However, two years later awareness has definitely been raised about who and who’s not a feminist and celebrities possibly jumping on the bandwagon just so that they’re up to date with the trend which is to identify oneself as a feminist and an advocate for gender equality. But which of these celebrities have spoken about the price of child care, gender pay gap, breastfeeding, women in the corporate world?

A big part of being a star is keeping up your appearance, body image and choice of clothes is frequently being equated with the topic of feminism. Now don’t get me wrong it is a fragment of the feminist discussion as seen on my blog but it’s not the end all be all.

I would love to ask Taylor Swift not what she thinks about unequal pay because everyone knows the politically correct answer to give and I wouldn’t even ask her what we could do to move forward because she would probably inject thousands of dollars into an organisation. But I would ask her why she thinks gender inequality is so prevalent when it comes to employment and pay, analysing the root of the problem is the best way forward.

Now Lady Swift is not the only star that springs to mind Beyonce’s Lemonade frenzy supposedly demonstrates a woman being empowered, because she’s taking on stereotypical male behaviour by using a baseball bat to smash a car? Well I guess Emma Watson has at least addressed this issue of the gender pay gap.

Furthermore, the rich and the famous getting involved in creating change is great, the issue is that there is a lack of real understanding the extreme gender inequalities which is not completely their fault, they don’t hop on public transport and see how women breastfeeding  who are shunned or pregnant women who are left to stand on a packed train. The lesson I’m trying to draw here is if you are going to identify  yourself as a feminist promote the cause then, understand it and try not to post naked selfies in the name of feminism, just post it in the name of #feelinyourself.