It’s Gonna Be May!

We have a new prime minister and it’s a woman at that. Theresa May is the second female Prime Minister in the history of Britain, now isn’t that something. But I think that’s one thing, the other thing is that she vowed to “build a better Britain” – clever alliteration there Tess. I digress, but I think we should focus on how our new prime minister is going to do just that.

In her speech she mentioned the legacy that Cameron left which was not about the economy but about social justice. Everyday we hear about the injustices that take place all around the world and closer to home, in Britain. It’s disheartening to sit there and watch the world lose control with so many powerful leaders in place who are also confused.

Britain is not going to change because we have a female prime minister, it should change because we have a different prime minister, one with open ears and an open mind but equally one that follows their own strong instincts regardless of opposition. Not to get too biased but I’m not her biggest fan, but the fact is she is our prime minister and we have to trust her to deliver.

She also went on to mention that the government that she leads will not be driven by the interests of the privileged few. For now these are merely words but as I listened I could sense some sincerity to that statement, although my senses are slightly messed up sometimes. Sinus issues aside, I think we should think positively was a country as she does her part to build a better Britain  we should do our part by insuring social justice becomes a reality. Social justice shouldn’t be a thing that the government induces into a country it should come from us first the government is there to encourage it.  Let’s wait and see.