The Ageless Woman

Today I was sitting in the waiting area at the GP Surgery, and a little lady whispered “shouldn’t you be in school young lady” as if my secret was safe with her. I giggled and whispered back to her “I left school about ten years ago” she scanned me up and down with a resounding “nooooo?” I just nodded and didn’t really want to continue the discussion about my age.

It got me thinking: why am I so uncomfortable with discussing my age but I’m not even old! Even if I was – let’s say 60 I know I would rock! So why is it such an awkward time in my mid 20’s approaching 30? Not blowing my own trumpet here but I look great for my age (hehe) and if I didn’t, does that make me less valid ? a non factor? unattractive? unintelligent? Okay you probably get it.

When I got back home this brief conversation with the lady was still bugging me. I realised it’s something that’s instilled in women unconsciously and deliberately. In my case it was unconsciously, we’re fed with anti ageing product commercials, to models getting younger, celebrities like Kylie Jenner already resorting to cosmetic surgery (that’s still crazy to me) . I think 20 is like the new 30 now :-). So that makes me 37. I’m just playing, but it all dawned on me that we’ve been programmed to be scared of getting old, particularly women.

Apparently a woman is supposed to be this flawless trophy that dares not to have a blemish or wrinkle but it’s so sexy when a man gets older right? We like to call them silver foxes we’ve got the  George Clooneys and David Beckhams. But let’s not forget the likes of Jo Johnson, Cindy Joseph and Susanne Moore who are representing women who have let their grey hair grow out and embraced what they’ve become.

This doesn’t mean that a smokey eye on a 70 year old woman will look as great on a 21 year old but she is free to do so. It just means try something different, as women- as humans we are constantly changing, change is good. So maybe a neutral eye isn’t the end of the world.

When I got home, everything I’ve literally lamented to you is what went through my head at 100mph. I just needed to put this forward to you guys and see what you think and what your experiences are as you get older. Feel free to comment and follow xx