On Monday, Sky News’ Sophy Ridge interviewed  Diane Abbott, MP for Stoke Newington about the racist and sexist abuse she had received over the years in political life. Diane Abbott admitted that there were times she wanted to quit “…had I known it would be like this 30  years on from being elected I would think twice for running for parliament at all.”

Now, despite the MP gushing over how bad the frequent threats are, I noticed that the comments under the video were unsympathetic to her situation. For some it was their cue to incite more hateful comments – which I think YouTube and social media platforms should look further into . Others stated that she was a racist towards white people and that she’s a hypocrite and she somewhat deserves it.

The general feel in the comment section was that we should to repay racism with racism. Diane Abbott is known for her controversial remarks and speaking her mind. But there hasn’t been any record of her inciting hatred.

Let’s assume she did, inciting racist comments back at her not only affects her, it affects others that look like her meaning black females, calling her a black b**** saying she deserves to be hanged is saying that all the black females in Britain are back b****s that deserve to be hanged.

It’s clearly a viscous cycle. The fact that you disagree with someone’s political stance, doesn’t mean that your sense moral consciousness should magically vanish, when it comes to the struggles they face in society.