On Monday, I tuned into Sky News around 9pm and saw British Prime Minister, Theresa May and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn getting grilled on a live TV debate in the run up to the general election on 8 June!

I’m fully aware that most people find politics quite tedious or difficult to digest, so here’s a listicle-ish post to break down what really went down on the live debate!


Can we trust you to stop terrorist threats?

Yes, foreign policy around the world that doesn’t police their people, e.g. Libya breeding ground for new terrorist . He will ensure foreign policies are put in place that don’t leave large areas of the world ungoverned.

Are you the right man for the job? 

Labour manifesto is about investing in young people’s future stop having crowded classrooms. Stop the wait for social care, investing in our health services, taxing the wealthiest.

How are you planning to deal with immigration, the tories have already pledged a number, what’s labours plan?

Plan future relationship with Europe.

Free movement will stop after leaving EU.

No figures or numbers in place from Corbyn, but wants managed migration. Remember if people hadn’t migrated health service would’ve been worse as well as other services. Also ensure EU workers are not undercut or paid low. Reinstate what Gordon Brown implemented – impact fund, focus on communities that need that assistance.

Also ensure that British Nationals are protected in Europe.

Why Labour instead of the Labour instead of Lib dems in regards to the 48% REMAIN voters?

Says Universities must have close relationship with Europe

Wants to build a tariff-free relationship with Europe otherwise we’ll destroy our own manufacturing industry.

High wage, high investment, good relationship with our neighbours.

Why have you made it impossible for business owners to vote Labour?

This country has a huge divide with poor and rich

We don’t address these issues by ignoring them, its better we all end up all better off.

Transformational: this younger generation should not be worse off.

Corbyn works with small businesses and understands exploitation from bigger businesses

£10 minimum wage means we spend less on working tax credit.

Nuclear disarmament, would you be willing to use the nuclear deterrent?

He has worked with UN for non proliferation treaty.

Serious about what China has been trying to achieve with six party talks.

Intelligent engagement with the rest of the world,

Practical part of nuclear deterrent is writing letters to Naval Officers.

Will you freeze benefits?


Two billion into the benefit system, in order to reduce the effects.

Higher wiving wage = benefits of people in work will be  reduced.


More police – 10,000 more.

Are you a “Friend of Hamas”? (Hamas = Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organisation)

Promoting idea of a two- state solution and encouraging dialogue. You have to work with people you don’t agree with. He called them friends because he needed to use inclusive language to get discussion under way.


Can you explain the Dementia tax ?

If your savings are over £23,000 you’ll pay for your own care (elderly care).

Assets are protected to ensure they can be passed to family members and not sold in order to fund social care.

There will be a cap. Take people’s views on where that cap should be, by handing out green paper.

Are England and Scotland being divided by the winter fuel allowance? ( This allowance helps older people with heating bill)

Listen to people and take people’s views and make a proposal as government. Working with charities that work with older people.

What changes will be made to the damaging plans on school funding?

Ensure funding is distributed in a fair way of funding our schools. Schools won’t see cash reduction in level of funding. They plan to bring in experts into schools to ensure they have a good start in life. Talent+ hard work. SHE DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION

Then added that she will use a “fair funding formula”

Did people vote leave/brexit on a £350 million lie? 

We can only get that deal if we have a strong hand in negotiations. Which will start 11 days after election day.

How do you justify chronic underfunding of the NHS?

We all rely on the health service. We can only do that if we have a strong economy which is determined by the negotiations with the Brexit deals. Hospitals are closing , under staffed etc.

Nasty part image?

Stands for what she believes in.